Блокнот на скрепке "Мои мечты и мысли"

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90.00 Руб.

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32 листа, Размер: 10,5 × 13,5 см
32 листа, Размер: 10,5 × 13,5 см
Kamren, 08.02.2017
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Denver, 08.02.2017
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Cherry, 06.02.2017
It's about time soomene wrote about this.
Davian, 06.02.2017
Penelope, please tell me (and I promise this is a real question and I am not trolling):I know the rollercoaster wild-ride that your life is taking makes you feel alive, but does it make you ha1p7?WhatRpy;s the point of it all?
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